Having a band score of 7 or above seems to be no piece of cake for a lot. However, it is not a herculean task to get a higher band if the candidate gets the right guidance and training. If your ultimate goal is to have higher band scores, B-GHUD is the best academy in India for IELTS training.

IELTS test contains 4 modules which are listening, reading, speaking and writing. The overall band score will be an average of the individual scores.  So let’s find out the ways through which you get higher band scores:



            In this module, you will be listening to recorded audio and would be updating the answer in the space provided. There will be four different sections in the listening part. B-GHUD, being the NO. 1 institute, provides the best training in the listening module of IELTS. B-GHUD gives special audio recordings in a range of accents like British, American, Australian and so on to the students to better their daily practice. Now let’s discuss what all you need to perform for having a higher band score.

  • Listen English news, podcasts and documentaries
  • Practice daily
  • Watch out for distractors
  • Read questions before-hand
  • Focus on Keywords
  • Move to next question if you think you missed an answer.


To master these, you require professional training and B-GHUD provides excellent training in IELTS.


            In this module, candidates need to read passages and locate answers to the asked questions. Your speed in reading and comprehension is one of the determining factors to have higher band scores in reading module . However, you can crack the reading module  much easier with the best training from B-GHUD academy. Here are some tips as well:

  • Read, Read and Read.

            Make it a practice daily to read English newspapers, English fiction, articles and so on. When you read, make sure you follow a pace quicker than your normal.

  • Know the question

            It is not an easier task to know the question. Knowing the question doesn’t mean to read it but also to develop a strategy to reach the solution. B-GHUD academy trains IELTS students in the way to approach each question.

  • Skim and Scan

            Skimming and Scanning could help students to locate the right answer. Mastering these basic techniques is a key to success.

Well, it is important to note that all these above tips would help you to get best output only if you are ready to prove your level best. Along with your hardwork, the core requirement is the right guidance and training. B-GHUD academy, with 25 years of experience, is the best in IELTS to provide the right guidance and training.

Happy learning !

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