What makes B-GHUD Unique?

  • Students choose us based on our results. All our students have a great scope of achieving the scores required by them to bring their dreams to reality.
  • IDP and British Council, co-owners of IELTS, have acknowledged the quality and effectiveness of our training and have awarded us Platinum Plus status and national recognition as member associates.
  • B-GHUD was awarded the No.1 Institute for IELTS training in South India and the 2nd Runners Up for the same, in India by IDP in April 2018.
  • We have authored the most sought-after study materials for IELTS and English Proficiency in India, namely, ‘IELTS & TOEFL Made Easy’ and ‘English to Excel’. The authoring of said books is the result of the hard work of our director, Mr. George John, and our many staff. These books have been compiled with the most effective methods for Indian students, which is backed up by 20+ years of teaching experience.
  • Students also prefer us for the personalized attention they receive. The courses we provide are to a degree customized based on the needs of the students. We take special care to ensure the student’s weaknesses are strengthened and the overall improvement of their skills and strengths.
  • We strive to provide the best quality of education at the most affordable rates in the state. We have a large variety of study materials and question banks which the students are trained with. The students are made to be very familiar with the pattern and type of questions asked for the exams. We conduct regular mock tests so that our students can monitor their progress and make improvements.
  • We also train students who need help improving their linguistic skills through fun and entertaining sessions of group discussion, debates, and various other activities that ease the process of learning English.
  • Our publicity is solely word-of-mouth.

What we do?

B-GHUD has also earned a reputation for the laudable results we have produced in DHA, HAAD, MOH, NCLEX- RN, (USA) & PROMETRIC (Saudi, Qatar & Oman). It is with pride we state that our students have become part of the workforce in almost all the developed nations of the world. You can join our ONLINE CLASSES now. It is on a one-on-one basis.

Instituted with the vision and conviction of our Director Mr. George John, that takes its fountain from Nehru’s thought-provoking statement: “English has come to stay”, our highly qualified and dedicated staff and top-notch classroom facilities ensure a high-end training and success to discerning aspirants. B-GHUD ACADEMY can boast of the best teacher-student ratio in the industry in India. We have been following a scientific pedagogical approach that deeply satisfies the realistic demands of aspirants of study abroad, job, and migration.

In addition, a large panel of British Council and IDP certified trainers further ensures individual attention on each module of these tests. At B- GHUD, we are fully committed to living up to the realistic objectives of our candidates with our innovative ideas on the training methodologies and unparalleled conducive learning environment that make it the ultimate destination for language learning.

Suffice to say that, having a large number of qualified trainers and the expertise to deliver quality training, B-GHUD could withstand the test of time, and could easily face the competition of mushrooming institutes in this field.

Is there any need for a second thought to choose this time-tested and result-generating institute to score well in the exam of your preference?

How B-GHUD earned its reputation?


B -GHUD is a conglomerate and it is considered as the most sought after institute for English in South India, to score a high band in most global exams in English. It has been awarded the prestigious Platinum Plus Membership of both the British Council & IDP for 5 years consecutively. This is our 25th year of producing excellent results on all the courses we undertake. We are known for imparting the best quality training in IELTS, OET, PTE & TOEFL. In addition, we have been fostering quality training on English Fluency, Group Discussion, and Interview Skills (From 9 am to 7 pm) for over two decades. Our ONLINE CLASSES on all the above exams also attract quite a good number of learners and our commendable results in the above-mentioned exams bearing testimony to the quality of our training, and the growing levels of trust the learners have with us. (Our ONLINE CLASSES are from 9 am to 9 pm. With an unbeatable track record of producing excellent results in the exams for the last 25 years, we must add that we are the pioneer in publishing six thoroughly researched, exhaustive books on IELTS and OET. Our best sellers are “IELTS & TOEFL MADE EASY”, “WRITING MADE EASY”, “OET WRITING MADE EASY” & ” OET GRAMMAR”. They are available in all the Gulf Countries, Singapore, Malaysia, and India.


Top Partner of the Year
Best Support India Business Partner
Platinum Plus Member of British Council & IDP