Anybody who has taken the IELTS writing does know that it is a hard row to hoe. Most candidates find the writing task the most challenging out of the four in the IELTS exam. But with B-GHUD Academy, it is quite easier to score higher as B-GHUD Academy is the best IELTS training institute in India with more than 25 years of outstanding results in the field.

Before we get into the tips, let us make an idea of the writing task of IELTS. Needless to say, IELTS writing contains two tasks to be completed. Task 1 of Academic IELTS is Graph writing while it is Letter writing for General IELTS. Anyhow, task 2 for both IELTS exams is the same, which is essay writing. The total time for completing the task is 01 hour which must be properly utilized by the candidate. Do you wonder from where you would have the best training for IELTS writing? Don’t be anxious because B-GHUD academy is the No. 1 institute in India that provides excellent online as well as offline training for aspirants.

Now let us find the criteria by which the candidate would be marked for IELTS writing. The examiner assesses the candidate’s writing task in:

  • Task Response
  • Coherence and Cohesion
  • Lexical Resources ( Vocabulary)
  • Grammatical Range &Accuracy.

       Gaining good scores in each of these would help to gain higher scores in the IELTS writing task. Now let’s find out how would you master each of these to get higher scores in the Writing task.

  • Time Management is essential 

The candidates need to complete the two tasks in 60 minutes. When divided, for completion of task-1, the candidate needs to take 20 minutes while 40 minutes for task-2. Also, the candidate must manage to have proofreading and careful reading of the question. This could be made into practice only through regular training. At B-GHUD Academy, candidates are provided with mock exams in which they would be asked to write within the time limit. For writing practice, B-GHUD Academy is the best in India where they train you to write within the limit.

  • Be accurate of Punctuation 

Candidates are often perplexed of the usage of punctuation. A comma, colon could deliver the idea better. But if you mistake it, the examiner might not get the idea you try to convey. So, you must always be careful of punctuation marks.

  • Grammar plays the game

An expertise in grammatical accuracy is crucial in writing task. Subject-verb agreement, preposition, tenses, article usage and so on forms a major part of the IELTS essay. B-GHUD academy along with the writing training provides the best grammar classes to students. B-GHUD Academy is the No. 1 institute for IELTS coaching. Also, B-GHUD Academy is the best for English Grammar classes. Herein attached are some of the important videos on Grammar by expert faculty of B-GHUD Academy:-

  • Keep an eye on word count

You have to write a minimum of 150 words for task 1 and 250 words for task 2. Any word less than the required word count would be penalized in marks. Therefore, you must not take risk in loosing marks. At the end of the test, candidates are supposed to recheck the word count. B-Ghud provides the best training for IELTS test-takers as B-Ghud Academy is India’s top IELTS training institute.

  • Avoid monotonous sentence structures

The test-takers must also be proficient in the construction of different sentence structures for IELTS Writing task. The complex and compound structures could help the test-takers to gain higher bandscores in writing task. B-GHUD academy has published specialised books for IELTS and IELTS writing task in particular. The tyest-takers could purchase them from the below links: ||,1,G,11214002,u,,,543116155366,,,,c,,,,,,,&ef_id=EAIaIQobChMIkrrGvIGQ9AIV-ZJmAh2pgQXFEAYYAiABEgKuffD_BwE:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!739!3!543116155366!!!u!295092701166!&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkrrGvIGQ9AIV-ZJmAh2pgQXFEAYYAiABEgKuffD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Well, these are some tips for the students to give their best for the exam. Suffice to say, test-takers can take help of experts to qualify the test with flying colours. You just have to give a call to B-GHUD Academy which is the top institute in India.

Happy Learning !

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