If you have taken the IELTS Speaking Test a few times and you keep getting a Band 6 or a Band 6.5, you may be feeling disappointed. You may feel you are stuck and there is no way to move up to a Band 7. Don’t worry, so long as you know where and why you are stuck, then you can start to get ‘unstuck’ and move up to Band 7.

In this article, I will show you what might be keeping you stuck and how to move up.

First of all, understand that the IELTS bands are not points or marks, they are levels. So IELTS Speaking Band 6 is not a point, it actually covers different levels which means there are weaker and stronger Band 6 students, within this level. An aspirant may be at the bottom of the Band 6 ‘band ‘ or ‘level’ or could be at the top end. If you are at the bottom end, basically you need to focus a lot more on improving your overall English skills. Exam practice and tips are not enough to take you to a band 7. The best thing an aspirant could do in such a circumstance is to leave the IELTS for a month or twice and give your entire focus on English language fluency.

No pressure, just learn to enjoy the English language again. Make sure, you also find time to understand why you are stuck at the bottom. Expert language training from the B-GHUD academy could help you to master the language with regular practice. B-GHUD Academy is the top coaching institute for Spoken English and all English proficiency tests.

You can use the advice below on the right tools, and right study method to help you. B-GHUD Academy is the best institute in India for IELTS and English courses. If you are at the top level of Band 6, a ‘strong’ band 6, it may be that all you need is to do some exam practice and pick up some tips to ‘push’ you up to a Band 7.

Improve your Exam Technique

 If you are at the top end of IELTS Speaking Band 6, a ‘strong’ Band 6, then you

may want to develop your exam technique with these resources.

Get clear about the test format with the information from the best trainer from B-GHUD Academy:

Understand how each part of the test works and get some tips for each section. B-GHUD Academy is the No 1 institute in India which provides one-to-one training for IELTS speaking.

Do some IELTS Speaking practice tests where you hear some questions and practice giving your own answer. The aspirants can join B-GHUD Academy for the best speaking practise tests as it is a platinum member of IDP and the British Council.

The Right Study Tools

 If you are at the bottom ‘6’, I would suggest you some resources and a handful of tools to help you study and practise your speaking skills for IELTS. I would suggest to you the best books, a website, a youtube channel and an academy for the best scores.

Book: https://www.amazon.in/Revised-Publications-Comprehensive-John-Improve-English-Language/dp/B09FS8H1FK/ref=sr_1_4?crid=1R67VHYKTN21F&keywords=bghud+ielts+book&qid=1640952986&sprefix=bghud%2Caps%2C436&sr=8-4

Website: https://bghud.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRwpqI0pYvjlDBrtIxsiCg  |  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq7kXxbFnTNL9icKcPHTupA/videos

Best Academy: B-GHUD Academy is the best in India for IELTS coaching.

Have a Study Habit

 Time and place matter in this. Do your practice in a quiet place when your mind is fresh and enthusiastic.

Communicate yourself with the experts. The trainers in B-GHUD Academy are best for communication and you can feel free to talk to them.

Enjoy your learning process as it could give you the best learning experience.

Learn from the best and authentic trainers for which B-GHUD is the best academy that has 25 years of experience in IELTS.

Finally, be focused on your learning.

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