The unprecedented changes in the world has changed the work atmosphere immensely. Group Discussions are conducted to assess an interviewee’s communication skills, leadership skills, listening and articulation skills and group-worthiness. Employers prefer this method before shortlisting candidates for interviews.

To get an entry into the corporate world, a candidate has to perform well in group discussion. Then only the HR department will consider you for an interview. In a GD, your ability to get along with others will be assessed. Therefore, you should participate in simulated GD’s to be comfortable in the real GD. BGHUD is the right place for that.



Most people are nervous about facing a job interview for the first time in their lives. We prepare our students to face any interview confidently and walk away with an appointment letter. Our experienced faculty will equip you to succeed in different types of job interviews. We are here for the last 22 years.


Lack of proper motivation is often  a stumbling block for many an efficient and skilled youngster to succeed in life. Our motivational classes can help them overcome their inferiority complex, set goals to work towards them and emerge victorious in the rat race of this globalized world. Today, the Internet, breakthroughs in Aviation Industry and global communication have transformed the job atmosphere way ahead. Therefore, you have to be well-motivated to excel in your field.