For many test-takers, the speaking test tends to be a stressful one as it is structured to be like a real-life interview. However, scoring a band 8.0 or above in Speaking is achievable if candidates get the right guidance and training. B-GHUD academy is the best institute in India, where you would receive the top coaching, be it online/offline. B-GHUD speaking sessions are valuable as they provide one-to-one sessions to each student with real-life practice.

Now let’s think of some tips to follow while aiming for the higher band in IELTS Speaking:

  • Don’t Memorise: Many candidates tend to memorise answers that do not prove better to them.
  • Listen to Podcasts: Listening enables the candidates to understand the correct pronunciation and use of language.
  • Read blogs and articles: Read your favourite blog and make sure you take note of Vocabulary. Also, B-GHUD Academy has the best resources available in the market for vocabulary building and excelling in the English language.
  • Learn from Mistakes: How do you understand your mistake? is an obvious question. You could resort to help from a professionally qualified trainer. B-GHUD Academy is the No. 1 Institute in India for IELTS, and they have knowledgeable and friendly trainers who could help you find out your mistakes.
  • Practice: Record yourself and practice daily. Else, you could enrol at B-GHUD Academy for daily practice because B-GHUD is the top institute in India for IELTS Training.


  • Be Creative
  • Don’t be shy.
  • Enjoy the talk with the examiner
  • Be logical
  • Be polite
  • Avoid jargon and keep it simple.


Moreover, one could do improve the band score especially by improving the grammatical range and language fluency. Obviously, attaining the grammatical range is quite tough at times. B-GHUD academy has expert trainers who could help you with this. Moreover, B-GHUD Academy is the best in India for IELTS coaching.  Here are certain important factors which you need to take care of while speaking :

  • Subject-Verb Agreement: Many aspirants commit a wide range of mistakes when it comes to subject-verb agreement. Always remember it is: He sings (correct) but not He sing (Wrong). To know more about subject-verb agreement, follow the link-


  • Use of Adverbs: Simply, the “LY” words could hopefully tone your speech. Try them out to better IELTS Speaking skills.


  • Incorrect Pronunciation: Pronunciation is one of the major criteria for IELTS speaking. Many a time, students mispronounce commonly used words and this could be a villain in gaining a higher bandscore. Checkout the video by B-GHUD Academy to know more about the commonly mispronounced words :


Well, it is not a simple task to perform best without prior practice. Every candidate needs to take IELTS training to master its techniques. Remember there are no easy steps to success, but constant practice paves the way towards success. B-GHUD Academy is the best in India for IELTS training. Give a call and you would find the best training experience from an institute that provides 25 years of excellent results.


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