The IELTS Speaking is a 14-minute long test, where the examiner asks the candidate a set of questions divided into three parts. The second part of the speaking test requires the candidate to speak on a given topic for 1-2 minutes. Most of the students find it difficult because of the lack of confidence and anxiety. But with B-GHUD Academy, it is quite easier to tackle it as B-GHUD Academy is the best IELTS training institute in India with more than 25 years of outstanding results in the field.

What is a task card (cue card) ?

During the IELTS examination, candidates will be given a cue card, which is also called a task card, consisting of 3-4 questions and some instructions that will guide you on how to answer the questions given in the cue card. The test lasts for 2 -3 minutes including the 1 minute preparation time.

These are some list of probable topics asked in a cue card :

Favourites : These are topics that asks you to talk about things you like.

Time based : These are topics that ask you to talk about events that occurred in the past/present and future.

Person : You will be asked to talk about a friend or a guide.

Object : you will be asked to talk about things like a mirror or clothes that you like.

Occasions : You will be asked to talk about a birthday party or any important moment.

Place : You will be asked to talk about places that you visited or are going to visit.

Work : the topic will be related to your workspace.

Study : The topic will be related to courses you want to pursue or are pursuing.

Emotions : These are topics that ask you to talk about emotions like sadness, happiness etc.

Let us have a look on one such cue card.


Here on the card the main statement is to describe something which is very important for you. It may be a gadget,ornament,gift or anything special to you. You have talk on this topic for not less than 2 minutes. The subpoints given in the card are cues to help you develop your speaking. You should talk in such a way that your speaking should sustain for 2 minutes. Here is a sample response :

I would like to tell you about my watch. It’snot particularly valuable, or at least I don’t think it is, but it’s a heirloom handed down from my grandfather to my father and now me. I can remember really clearly when Dad gave it to me, it’s quite a few years ago now but it seems like yesterday. It was my 18th birthday and I was only a few weeks away from leaving school. It was actually an ordinary school day in the middle of the week and, as usual, Dad bought me a cup of tea in bed to wake me up, and then he handed me the watch. He just put it in my hand saying that his Dad gave him on his 18th birthday so I have to keep it from then onwards. I’ve had the watch now for seven years and I use it everyday. It’s serviceable and keeps perfect time and because it’s quite plain and unpretentious it goes with pretty much any type of clothing or occasion from casual to formal. It’s very much important for me because my Dad wore it for many years and my grandfather also used to wear it so I have to keep it as special and if I get a chance I would really handover it to my child.

By analysing the keywords and points you can easily frame your answer and speak accordingly as seen in the above paragraph.

Here is a video from BGHUD ACADEMY which provides you with a clear cut image on cue card :

IELTS speaking Task Card (Cue Card) discussion | B-GHUD ACADEMY | KOCHI | MAVELIKARA

Well, it is not a simple task to perform best without prior practice. Every candidate needs to take IELTS training to master its techniques. Remember there are no easy steps to success, but constant practice paves the way towards success. B-GHUD Academy is the best in India for IELTS training. Give a call and you would find the best training experience from an institute that provides 25 years of excellent results.

Happy learning !!

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