About 70% the students in India study English in public schools where teachers do not always teach pupils how to speak English or the students might not be from an affluent family to go to an English medium school. The emphasis is often on grammar instead of spoken English. The English language is spoken in many nations including India. Speaking the language fluently allows one to feel confident while communicating or interacting with different people.

Not being fluent in English often leads to embarrassing situations for us; we feel unsure of ourselves and that only makes things worse.By the advent of globalization, the need to be proficient in English has become a great need today. It is undeniably the language of IT, science, technology, global media, aviation, research, health care, global conferences etc., not to mention its status as the lingua franca of the world.


Almost every fresh concept, social reform, or even trends in fashions for that matter, make its appearance in an English speaking country. There is not a shadow of doubt that British colonialism, the Industrial Revolution, the media, globalization, tourism, IT, breakthroughs in technology etc. have paved the way for the emergence of English. It is the first language in countries like the States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand, just to name but a few. English is the key to the treasure house of knowledge; nearabout 95% of articles in science are written in it. English literature accounts for almost 28% of the entire volumes published under the sun. Who can deny that English is the window to modern education as far as the world is concerned? We should keep it open if we want to improve and maintain our position in the world. The earlier you excel in this global language of success, the better it is for you.

Since its inception in 1996, B-GHUD has been enlightening youngsters, to face the challenges of the modern world and rub shoulders with the best of the West. We train them to be assertive and adaptable, to hold their heads high in the midst of aggressive materialism and spiritual vacuum.

Our experienced pack of trainers helps them to develop their vocabulary and fluency in English making sure that they stand out from the crowd when it comes to an interview, GD or even a meeting. Everybody likes to be on top in whatever they do, but to succeed in English training also plays a major role especially when career is taken into account.