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Best TOEFL Coaching Centre In Kerala

B-GHUD provides you with the best TOEFL offline/online coaching center in Kerala, India. The TOEFL exam is a test recognized by more than 8,500 study centres, universities, and organizations worldwide.  More than 130 countries including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States trust this prestigious exam to evaluate the English level of the students.

It can be taken at ETS approved centres around the world, and the price is around 240 US Dollars, although it may vary from country to country.

Its great importance resides in the fact that the vast majority of colleges in the United States require the TOEFL exam, with scores between 60 to 80 points, to admit students who do not have English as their native language.

The 4 Major Sections of the TOEFL

The Reading section (60-100 minutes long) assesses your ability to understand and analyze written texts on topics like science and academic discussions.

The Listening section (60-90 minutes long) makes sure you can understand the information given to you orally—for example, when you listen to a lecture or speak to a professor at university. This section has four to six lectures and questions that test your understanding of the content, as well as your understanding of the motivations and emotions of speakers.

The Speaking section (20 minutes) consists of six tasks that you complete by talking into a microphone during the test. It is meant to measure how well you can express your thoughts and ideas in English.

And finally, the Writing section (50 minutes) is all about demonstrating how you can use your English in writing. Here, you will apply your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and form clear sentences and paragraphs.

How is TOEFL Scores Calculated?

The scores are divided into sections and for each section; you have to calculate the number of correct answers to compare them later with the results of the students who took the exam the same day. Therefore, the student’s initial score will be converted to a scale of 0 to 30 points. The maximum numbers of points that can be reached are 120.

Is there a Minimum Score to pass the exam?

It is ideal for those who are starting the process to set a minimum goal between 70 and 80 points (out of 120). That score could be considered good, but it all depends on the goals each person has. You will need a higher or lower score depending on the requirements of admission to a college. Some universities admit students with grades between 61 and 70 points, but the higher the score you get, the greater range of universities you can consider.

On the other hand, for an international student who makes less than 61, it would be difficult to find universities that will accept admission, although there may be exceptions. Each case is personal and specific; that is why it is true that it is difficult to generalize talking about the scores needed to be admitted to college.

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