An IELTS essay is written in its natural creativity, for the aspirants of this course, without the influence of any pattern. A critical analysis of this writing, therefore, is solicited for making further improvement.

Some people think that planting trees in open places in cities and towns is more important than building houses. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Having conceptualized the development of a city or a town, the authority always gives preference to infrastructural developments including the provision for housing projects to reap the overwhelming benefits for every citizen. Bypassing the consequences of the perennial burning issue of pollution, such plans would ultimately tarnish the harmonious equilibrium of the ecosystem as a whole. Hence, planting trees in the available spaces of those areas should be given priority, which is the credible need to attenuate the perilous effect of contamination.

Cities are often a scene of the constellation of multiple skyscrapers coupled with the heavy inflow of traffic. This situation, naturally, would make the cities and towns untidy irreparably with no immediate solution to find an everlasting answer to escape from this man-made catastrophe. Thus, planting trees in the vacant spots and beside the roads is to be executed on a first concern basis, for it not only beautifies the places but also is a premedication towards pollution.

At a time the already congested metros and towns face the tension of overcrowding, the induction of more concrete buildings would sabotage the very purpose of having a pristine ecology. Shifting of establishments along with residential areas further to the rural areas will be an invigorating measure for the citizens to experience the immaculate presence of a rejuvenated environment. Moreover, governments, these days, advice people to go in for the concept of green or sustainable architecture, while constructing buildings in these vulnerable areas.

Overall, cities and towns should give room for gardens and trees in the vacant spaces and by the side of roads respectively, for, the unending impressive scenery will keep the travellers thrilled with positive energy.

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